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Brian Frank in the warehouse with Hammer products

We highly recommend all Hammer Nutrition distributors and retailers become familiar with the shelf life dating for our products. Please properly scrutinize and rotate stock (First In, First Out). In all cases, avoid distributing or selling products beyond their "Best By"/"Expiration" dates.

All Hammer Nutrition products carry a “best-by,” “manufactured on” or “manufacturing date,” based on FDA requirements for that particular type of product. Use the chart below to easily understand and identify the age and usage window of your favorite Hammer Nutrition fuels and supplements.

Hammer Gels
“Best By” date is 2 years beyond the date of manufacture.

Hammer Dietary Supplements
Currently carry a “Manufacturing Date.” We suggest a use window that extends 3-4 years beyond that date, but we leave that to the discretion of the consumer.

Hammer Food Bars
“Expiration” date is 18 months beyond the date of manufacture.

Hammer Powdered Fuels
(Recoverite, HEED, Perpetuem, Perpetuem Solids, Proteins, etc.)

“Best By” date is 3 years beyond the date of manufacture.

Endurolytes, Endurolytes Fizz
“Best By” date is 4 years beyond the date of manufacture for Endurolytes, 2 years for Fizz.