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Hammer Bar®

Hammer Bar®

Real food, ready to roll
  • Reliable, long-lasting energy
  • Packable & easy to eat
  • Suitable for all diet types

Almond raisin, coconut chocolate chip, and oatmeal apple flavors temporarily unavailable.

made in usa vegan natural organic Gluten Free


Hammer Bar®#sep#12 Count Box / Chocolate Chip 12 COUNT BOX / CHOCOLATE CHIP
Hammer Bar®#sep#12 Count Box / Cranberry 12 COUNT BOX / CRANBERRY

During activity or at rest, Hammer Bars make healthy eating easy. Made of whole, organic, raw-food sources—with no added refined sugars—Hammer Bars are soft, and easy to eat, digest, and assimilate. Complex carbohydrates, complete vegetable protein, and healthy fats make GMO-free Hammer Bars the ideal solid food fuel during exercise, or a super healthy snack any time.

Kosher Certification

Hammer Bar®


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