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Organic Vegan Recoverite®

Organic Vegan Recoverite®

Optimize recovery, the vegan way.
  • 100% organic
  • Restores muscle glycogen
  • Rebuilds muscle strength
  • Reduces soreness & fatigue
made in usa kosher vegan organic no added sugars gluten free


Organic Vegan Recoverite®#sep#32 Servings / Chocolate 32 SERVINGS / CHOCOLATE
Organic Vegan Recoverite®#sep#32 Servings / Orange Vanilla 32 SERVINGS / ORANGE-VANILLA
Organic Vegan Recoverite®#sep#32 Servings / Vanilla 32 SERVINGS / VANILLA

Everything that makes Recoverite our best-selling product—formulated to fit a vegan diet! Just like the original, Vegan Recoverite offers a 3:1 ratio of complex carbohydrate to complete protein, specifically designed to jump-start the recovery process. This new formula’s plant-based protein will help you maximize your gains, regardless of dietary preferences.

It tastes great, mixes easily, and includes the same ideal electrolyte profile and amino acid supplementation that Recoverite fans have relied on for years. Recovery matters. Do it right with Vegan Recoverite— the simple and effective solution for all!

Certificate of Analysis

Kosher Certification

Gluten-Free Certificate

California Prop 65 Warning for chocolate flavor

Organic Vegan Recoverite®


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